Terms and Conditions

Euro Hair Imports, Inc.

Credit Terms:

Credit card terms apply to all customers unless other payment terms are negotiated.

Order Processing:

Most of the product we sell is shipped to us from Gisela-Mayer out of Memmingen, Germany. An order placed with Euro Hair Imports, Inc. is usually acknowledged by Gisela-Mayer the following business day due to the six hour time zone difference.


We coordinate shipments from Gisela-Mayer employing the principle of “Economy of Scale”. This keeps our prices competitive and gets your orders delivered to you in as soon as five days and no more than fourteen days of when you placed them. We reserve what is referred to as a “Hold Shelf”. As we continue to order product for our customers, that inventory is taken out of stock and reserved for Euro Hair Imports, Inc. next shipment. Typically, we release shipments on Fridays but not always depending on holiday schedules, volume and other extenuating circumstances. It usually takes two business days to receive our shipment. We anticipate a Friday Shipment to be delivered to us the following Monday, and let’s say a Monday Shipment to be delivered to us two days later, that following Wednesday. We in turn ship to our customers the same day we receive our bulk shipment from Gisela-Mayer unless of course our shipment arrives too late in the day not affording us enough time required to ship it to you, our customer. This is unusual but not unheard of. Domestic UPS ground, third day, second day or overnight or USPS priority or priority express shipping fees and delivery times are utilized and charged.

Rush deliveries are available to expedite deliveries within around four to seven days of receipt of your order. We charge out and bill to you your portion of what it costs us to receive a bulk shipment from Gisela Mayer, usually around or about $85.00. Domestic UPS overnight or second day or USPS priority express or priority shipping fees and delivery times are utilized and charged.

Super rush deliveries are available to expedite deliveries in as soon as two business days.  Gisela-Mayer will ship directly from their warehouse to your doorstep.  You pay Euro Hair Imports, Inc. what equates to the actual shipping costs including any surcharges assessed.  We charge out those shipments like all others, on an individual basis.  You can expect to pay around $130.00 for this service.

Exchanges and Returns:

All exchanges and returns are credited to future product purchased less a 15% restocking fee.  Only the purchase price of the merchandise will be credited not including shipping and handling fees.  All returned merchandise must be new and in unused condition with original tags attached and original packaging intact.  We waive the 15% restocking fee for any inventory returns that were shipped from our in house stock.  No returns or exchanges are allowed for merchandise older than four months.

Returned Check Fees: 

All checks returned for insufficient funds will incur a $25.00 surcharge.


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